The past 72 hours.

Words cannot fully describe how much I have learned. Words have much power, but the English language is finite. It’s unable explain the intangible amount of potential that resides within and without us. We live our lives, sheltered by limited expectations and ideologies instilled by our societal, material world, when really, the potential within us is INFINITE. Do you see the solution here?

Meeting with Shamans Stuart Dole and Marti Speigelman allowed me to not only see, but understand that tapping into that potential is possible, for every living thing on this planet. We are, literally, the Universe, within and without, and we can access the fountain of infinite possibilities with practice, patience, and most importantly, trust.

There were many instances where I inquired about an ‘example’ or an explanation of what it was ‘like’, but I learned that it cannot be explained, nor is it ‘like’ anything that the linear mind can perceive. It is beyond thought, but can be sensed all around us. It is everywhere, everyone and everything. Marti said to stop ‘trying’ to feel or see it, and to just let it happen. I suppose it’s like most things in life, any effort to control it, just keeps it from being what it truly is.

This experience was transformative. A part of my psyche, a part of myself, has been lying dormant, until now. There is so much love and light all around us, so much GOOD to give, receive and share. My purpose in this world, on this planet, in this universe, is to connect with all living things and share the awareness. I thank you for being here. I am grateful.


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