Lessons of Darkness

So much has happened thus far. My attempt to articulate it will come from a place of patience for myself, the sacredness of my experiences, and from a yen to share the lessons with you.

Death comes in all shapes and forms. The potentials of death have been present for me, and those around me. Not just in a physical sense of matter and gravity, human error, or agression from irate passions, but also in a spiritual sense, a death of layers either from above of beneath my being that no longer serve the purpose of calling of my nature.

The path I’ve been walking may objectively seem like a light-filled, heart-warming, peace-bearing one, and that is a part of the truth, yes. But it is also filled in and fractioned with darkness. Things that show themselves from the spaces seemingly hidden, aspects of truth, of pain, of nature, of the self.

We are composed of both, after all. It is a flux in and out, above, under and through, a fluctuation of the light shining into the dark, exposing, baring itself in it’s raw nudity, overpowering the light with its event horizon and coming out from the other side shining brighter than before, glowing and filling all of the spaces, cracks and fissures.

Im discovering myself in these experiences, in the walking and getting lost, in the varying interactions with strangers and familiars, in the mirrors that play out my projections. In the frustrations of learning patience and being present with what is in the moment, whether it’s waiting to finally get to the top of that mountain or waiting for that second-hand contact to meet you in front of their hostel so you can get to ceremony already.

The tensions arise for the sake of issues that need to be acknowledged, in regards to myself or my relationships with others, and it’s all here to teach. It’s up to me to either deny and resist these things, or choose to learn from them.

I choose to learn.

I choose to learn that I will have expectations of things, and people that may disappoint. I choose to learn that not everyone can be true to the kindness that they portray in their face. I choose to learn that there are parts of me that I can improve upon, better ways of being. I choose to learn that the darkness is a apart of life. But from it comes an opportunity for light.

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