Calling out to Cusco

Oh, Cusco. I have a special place in my heart para ti. Only a few days here and yet I feel the want to stay longer. The crowded Hostel, the people from different parts of the world, your beautiful gothic-renaissance style architecture, and the wonderful San Pedro Market that has all of my breakfast, lunch, dinner and chocolate needs.

It feels good coming back into city life after spending much time in the country wilderness. Seeing people my age, restaurants with pastries and specialty drinks. The juxtaposition of the varying scapes is a good reminder of how much I do enjoy my creature comforts. How the finer things in life have their place, even if it’s just a simple cup of coffee (not that I drink coffee, but you get the drift).

The days are long here. Lounging around on hostel hammocks and strolling to the city center. Tourists everywhere, taking photos and buying souvenirs on the streets.

Today especially, the town is on its brightside. Peru won a soccer match against New Zealand last night, which means that they qualified for the the world cup for the first time in 25 years. People were everywhere, horns honking, parading in the streets, with faces painted red and white. I’m not much of a sports person, but when in Cusco the night of a huge match, you can’t but help feel the sentiment.

I think we’ll spend a couple more days here. Explore the town, make travel mates, and take some time to plan for the next month.

Mucho Amor, Cusco.

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