Feel to Heal

Just when I felt like I was floating on an eternal pool of light, the darkness set in. It started with a pit in my stomach. Followed by rapid heart-rate and shortness-of-breath. “Anxiety?!’, I asked myself. “But why?”. The age old question – Why? I often think that I can narrow it down to one…

The Hills have Lives – Communicating with Nature.

This post is going to be a bit different from the others. Words may go through one eyeball and out into the ether, because many of you may not know what on Earth I am speaking of. But this is for those who will. The solo portion of my trip began about a week ago….

Lessons of Darkness

So much has happened thus far. My attempt to articulate it will come from a place of patience for myself, the sacredness of my experiences, and from a yen to share the lessons with you. Death comes in all shapes and forms. The potentials of death have been present for me, and those around me….