Who I Am

Who I am and who I am becoming.

I am a lover by nature, and kindness is my religion. My passion is in connecting with people, and healing. Not only healing myself and moving towards continuous self-improvement, but also helping with the healing process of others.

I talk to plants and am deepening my connection to the vegetal world, and I have a strong desire to help others do the same.

The purpose of this blog is to get through to people with my word. To help others accept themselves fully and understand that it is okay to feel. Feel yourself, feel others, feel the world around you. To open your mind and your heart to all that life has to offer. To understand that it isn’t always roses and butterflies, and that’s okay, because that is what makes life beautiful. The appreciation of the different colors comes from the contrast.

The time has come for us to wake up. A wise woman once told me “When one person raises consciousness, it raises the collective consciousness.” We are all in this together, therefore we must find a way to work together. But it all starts with you, on an individual level. You must heal yourself before you can heal others. This is not to say that you must reach a plateau, where you all are all-knowing and completely healed.

We are infinite. Knowledge is infinite. Personal growth can be infinite. I believe that it works in segments. You experience, you learn, you share, and the spiral continues.

As I experience and learn, I take time for myself, take time to process, to feel and to heal. And then I share. It is then that I have the energy to exert, to give to others, whether through my word, my actions or my presence.

I hope that what you read here resonates with you in someway. I hope you know that you are a unique part of this universe, and it is a part of you. I hope you know that what you think and feel matters, even if it’s different from what anyone else says. Even if it’s different from what I say.

Thank you for being here.