Observing Resistance

It was a subtle feeling for me last night. Momentary inertia amongst ideas that were different from mine. But of course, when someone else has a suggestion on what is best for you, that is different from what you think is best for yourself, a sensation of resistance is expected.

So I decided to explore it in my body. To sit with it. I was wondering if it may have been the half pint of almond milk ice cream I had eaten (which was delicious by the way), considering that excess sugar can send the brain into slightly unstable states. But as I lay down to sleep, I realized that it was indeed beyond what I had ingested physically – it was a thought, something being ingested mentally. My dreams told me something similar. Sometimes, The messages of the subconscious mind can tell a lot about the inner workings behind our day-to-day perceptions of reality. I suppose at other times they could just be telling you that you really want to eat some pinetree-scented pasta with that newbie from your gym, which is fine, too.

But i’m not here to talk about the subconscious, not today. I’m here to talk about the feeling of resistance. Something has to have a significant (perceived) effect on you, for you to feel as though you need to resist, or even push back. I guess one can simplify it, by just calling it ‘stubborn’. But why do some ideas roll off easier than others, while some linger, or even stick?

I think that in some instances, it is because there is some truth to the other idea, even if it’s starkly different from the current idea held, and the awareness of that other truth opens us up to the possibility that the choice we are making, may not be the ‘best’ one for us. When we are certain of a thought or idea, confident of it, we are less likely to be swayed. But when there is uncertainty, there is much more room for movement.

Resistance to change is normal. But movement can be a good thing, So I suppose that in this circumstance, the solution lies in not clinging to anything to the point where you have to resist all else that may come to test its solidity. If some other information provided causes it to falter slightly, then let it, because there is truth to that, too.

Determine for yourself what truth is right for you. You are the only one living your reality, you are the one experiencing it. I think it is possible to hold onto your ideas of something while still integrating the ideas of others. Disregarding all that isn’t yours can be unhealthy, because it can keep you from exploring anything new, and on the other hand, being too permeable to everything is unhealthy as well, because it can keep you from making your own decisions – therefore, both ways of being can stunt personal growth. The key is to find a balance. Consider that which causes you to resist, evaluate if it may be beneficial to you, maybe even try it out, but after all is said and done – remember, you have the answers you seek. I think one of the most important things to do while in the midst of the inquiry, is to be aware of whether you are acting from a place of love, or a place of fear.

What we resist will often persist, so sometimes, let’s allow and give a chance to what follows. Right or wrong, we will know.


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